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Thread: Ryn and her green CM! (TMI warning)

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    Thanks Bron. I'm only 7DPO and keep running to the toilet (LOL) as this is usually when the exciting things start to happen. I know that not all women get it though.

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    i got this last night- the snotty green and it honestly looked like id just blowed my nose into my toilet paper! it was only a small amount though.. maybe the size of a 10c piece. could it still be something? ive been getting other symptoms as well.

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    I was almost 8w gone when I first noticed this, although didn't know I was pg at the time (was just annoyed I'd had no ewcm or af). I did have quite a lot at that point, but it waxed and waned throughout my pregnancy, some days I would just have a tiny amount, if any, whereas others I'd need a pantyliner on.

    Good luck to everyone, so excited for you all.

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