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Thread: Save good sperm for mid cycle or not?

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    Default Save good sperm for mid cycle or not?

    Hi all,

    Just saw my Gp today. She keeps telling me "bd all month, just bd bd bd!"
    Everytime I see her and I'm still not pregnant she tells me that your body can just choose to ovulate anytime so bd bd bd! She says bd every day from around CD 4-5 all the way through the cycle or at the very least every second day.
    My gyno said you should try to save the good sperm for mid cycle, abstain from CD1 to 10 then only do it three times in the whole cycle 10, 12, 14.
    Now.... I ovulate anywhere from CD11 to 16 or occasionally 18-19 so I feel I'd rather Bd everyday from 10-18.

    I also read somewhere that sperm reproduces and get better quality when you bd more, giving you fresh stock so to speak. Or is it a matter of less swimmers in the mix?

    What do you think?

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    Hi sassba,

    The nurse at my GP surgery told me to bd every other day to give time for the sperm supply to build up in between. I have read somewhere that if you wait the 'best' sperm will be ready for when you O but ive also read that if you wait too long the sperm deterioates in a lot of conflicting advice. The fact that I now seem to have conceived the day after AF finished means that im one of those people that perhaps O's irregulary and I need to bd all cycle to conceive.
    Maybe you can try bd every other day from the end of AF next cycle and see what happens unless you are gender swaying which involves specific timing, although im not well up on that.

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    Default Who knows?

    Who knows!
    I am really interested in the huge difference in advice between my Gp and gyno. Who's advice should we take? I prefer to be cautious, cover all bases & not risk missing the egg but then again if the quality suffers, what to do?

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    My hubby & I just wouldn't have the energy to DTD every day or two.... so we save our energy for mid-cycle/conception time.

    My friend was really frustrated at me because I fell pregnant within 1-2 months of trying - and we had only had sex 2-3 times each month.... and she said she DTD every day for two years TTC.

    The way I see it, if you do it really regularly, it puts a lot of pressure on the male to "perform". In fact, I think any stress & pressure makes it difficult to conceive. I find that just relaxing, and enjoying the sex (for sex sake - not TTC)... is the best way. How often do you hear about people who try everything; IVF, charting, temping etc etc with no luck. Then they stop trying - and oila - they get pregnant naturally. Purely because they take the pressure away.

    If I was you - I would do the 10-18 as you suggest. And if you can't do it every day - then don't. Just think; quality over quantity

    this is just my opinion, and certainly not medical. And I understand that there are women who TTC for years and years without success - so I know it's not just as simple as "relax & it will happen". But from my experience (38yo & a unknown huge cyst on one of my ovaries at the time of conception) - its the only advice I can offer.

    Good luck.

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    My hubbie works shift work, so we can't do the every 2nd day thingo .. DAM IT we are bed dancing this wednesday and friday. I O late around cd18-19. Friday will cd19.

    I hope we can DO It .. this is our last "natural" cycle before IUI.

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