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Thread: seems like forever

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    Default seems like forever

    We are trying for baby #6 (7 babies five living) but so far it's take us nine months. With every single child we have concieved all 7 of them I feel pregnant more or less the first go!

    I had a miscarraige last year on the 17th of july . And we started ttc again in November. And still nothing, unless I am pregnant now but greatly doubt that.

    Why would this happen?

    The doctors say they will not even look at me till I have been ttc for at least 12 months.That makes me feel so inadequet (bad spellin)

    How could I from practically getting pregnant straight off to almost nine months!

    Maybe it's I am getting to old!

    Love and Light,

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    It doesnt mean there is anything wrong at all.... it is actually normal for the majority of couples to take up to 12 months to conceive - and thats regardless of whether you have already had children before...

    try and hang in there for now, although I know it can be very emotional and difficult at times. Everything crossed you wont have to wait until 12 months to go get tested - because hopefully you will be successful before then.

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