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    Semen analysis report

    I did a semen analysis last week, just want to know my status. Today I went to get the report, which really worried me .

    Volume 3.0ml
    Count 214 Million/mL
    Motility 54% Rapid Progressive motility
    Morphology 7% normal forms.

    Cause 14% morphology is the norm, so my last item is under norm. I am really frustrated about that. However I did an google and some threads said morphology above 5% is fine.

    Any ideas about this ? or anybody has experience in improving sperm morphology please share me your successful experiences .

    Thanks a lot !

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    There is a chapter in the book 'The Natural Way to Better Babies- Preconceptual Care for Prospective Parents' - by Francesca Naish which discusses ways to improve sperm motility and morphology. In fact - the advice offered in the entire book will assist with these issues.
    Make sure you are taking a good quality zinc supplement and try to eat more alkaline foods, rather than acidic foods (google to find out more).
    Unfortunately alcohol and coffee are a no-go where sperm health is concerned.
    Limiting your chemical exposure is also important - this includes household cleaning products (opt for natural methods such as bi-carb soda, vinegar and lemon instead), as well as personal care products (shaving cream, deoderant etc should all be chemical free - Miessence is a good brand). Ask someone at your nearest health store for advice.
    I would highly recommend consulting a Naturopath who specialises in Natural Fertility Management to address any personal nutritional deficiencies, as well as to help you eliminate any heavy metal or pesticide toxicity which is a common barrier to conception. Oh- and invest in a water filter for your drinking water at home - this will reduce a large quantity of heavy metal exposure.

    Best of luck!