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Thread: should I be concerned?

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    Hi guys,
    I wrote yesterday about spotting at 8/9DPO, well today I was spotting as well but it seemed more in the arvo so I am expecting that nasty witch to arrive soon and if it does I am worried about the length of my luetal phase!
    I think I have read on here that anything under 10 days is not good because the egg doesn't have enough time to implant!
    This is the first time my LP has been this low, the lowest has been 12 days.
    I also read about something you can do to lengthen it but I can't find it!
    I am still holding out 1% hope that it may still just be implantation bleeding (although I figure it wouldn't last two days) but 99% is telling me AF is on her way.
    When is my cycle going to be more normal or regular.

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    dont worry it will be ok. My last 3 months i have had 50 something day cycles. it will be alright. you just need a bit of time to get your body adjusted. could it be and impletation bleed? be positive.

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    Lizzie33 Guest


    Hi DJTTC,
    Try not to stress too much - it might be good news - implantation bleed?? Dr's like at least a 10-12 day luteal phase, so if yours is at least 12 days, you have nothing to worry about. I have just started Vitamin B6 to try to lengthen mine, apparently this works...there is also a progesterone cream which is the next step I am told...keep us posted.

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    As Lizzie said B6 is recommended to lengthen the luteal phase. The other thing you may consider is a herbal tonic to support fertility. Some herbs that will often be useful are vitex, shatavari, peony, Siberian Ginseng and Dong Quai. I personally have had good results.

    Lots of love and good wishes for a BFP,

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