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Thread: silly question...but here goes...

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    Red face silly question...but here goes...

    Ok this is silly and I should know but I was wondering if you would still get sore bb's when you are newly pregnant if you are still breastfeeding? I know that sore bb's is them starting to get ready for breastfeeding....

    I am TTC and think I 'might' be pregnant. My AF is a couple of days overdue but with breastfeeding it is all over the show anyway. She seems to come when she feels like it!! My nipples are really sensitive which was a sign when I was pregnant with my boys but my bb's arent sore and I am getting weird crampy feelings not like PMS cramps.

    If anyone knows, it would be great to hear from you!

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    Cant help with bf and sore bbs but early on my breasts were soooo sensitive and sore and BIG.. And i got period like cramping a few days b4 i got a +ve test.. I was sure af was on its way got a -ve on the sat and cramped all weekend then got a +ve on the Tues fingers crossed..

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    Um you know, I can't remember so I'm guessing if I had any PG related boob soreness this time it wasn't anywhere near as bad as during my PG with Kynan LOL. I do remember my nipples being a bit more sensitive though, so maybe a good sign for you Good luck!

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    I was still feeding Indah when I discovered I was pregh with #3 & my boobs havent hurt, tingled or been sensetive at all this time around! & Indah refused breast as soon as i knew I was preg!!!


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