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Thread: skim milk not ok?

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    Exclamation skim milk not ok?

    Hi all,

    After rattling on for ages sharing my knowledge re, fertility and low fat milk link (and everything else, in the coffee while TTc thread). I heard from a friend today that SKIM MILK is bad too, not just light, fat free etc!
    I kinda thought skim milk was ok as it was literally skimmed not treated dehydrated etc, but apparently it is highly processed and not good for women trying to conceive.

    I am trying to shift some Kilo's while ttc so I'd rather low fat but I guess it's FULL FAT ORGANIC MILK from now on!

    Just thought I'd let anyone who is interested know. Maybe it is ok, hard to know for sure but the recent research is enough evidence to convince me to steer clear of all low fat dairy products?

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