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    Just thought I would write in and see how everyone is going? Hope all are well and pg's have been happening!
    I have been pretty bad the past few days, DH and I went to the fertility clinic and the dr said he didn't think DH's semen analysis was abnormal and said he thought it looked pretty normal and wasn't happy with the fact we were told this was the reason for our infertility. He said he wasn't happy with my ultrasound notes and said he wanted to see if I had blocked tubes. I have to go to their day sergury to see if my tubes are blocked and a look at my uterus and pelvic area.
    So we are back at square one now and have to wait to find out the real reason for us not having conceived yet.
    I still haven't got AF yet and is now VERY VERY Late and no pg on blood test so I have to wait to get blood tests done when I start. I'm PRAYING to god to get my period hu hu thats funny, we never want it and I'm praying for it. I'm so scared as to why I havent got AF and so many things are going through my head.
    Sorry to go on girls but I'm so confused and upset.
    Anyway I wish everyone Luck

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    Hi Sandi and Andrew,

    Hang in there and all the best. Hope you find an answer and an anvenue to help you conceive.


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