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    Hi girls,
    Hope you dont mind me popping in, but I just have a few questions for my SIL. SIL TTC for 5 years and then did so naturally after losing some weight. Her DD is now 16 months old and SIL would like to fall again. She has been trying for about 10 months. This month she has been feeling nauseous for the last few days in the evenings. AF is due on Fri or Sat and we were just wondering if a BFP would show now considering she already has some symptoms. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Percy Guest


    It might do! Only one way to find out!!! Test!!

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    Hi Rayla,

    You'll likely get more replies to this in the Conception General Discussion forum, so I'm moving it. But on the aside, I've never gotten a BFP prior to AF being due, so if she doesn't get one now, hope is not loast!


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    It is possible as Percy has said the only way she will know for sure is to test!! Wish her luck .

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