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Thread: Some really positive happy things to focus on while TTC!

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    Red face Some really positive happy things to focus on while TTC!

    Ok, so if you're like me and you've been trying to conceive for a few months then you all know how crap at times you can feel about the whole "why isn't it happening just yet!".... TTC is so heartbreaking and can really upset you. Especially when you think back to all those years when you were on the BCP's and wonder why on earth you were so damn paranoid about falling pregnant!!!! when it's not that easy!

    This bub is taking nearly as long as DD took us.....5 months and counting. (DD took nearly 9)

    So lately I've been focusing on ALL the positives this brings.... and there are many! I would like to share:

    I'm not pregnant again yet, however this means:

    *I can focus more on my gorgeous DD and have more time spent with her before 2nd baby comes along!!
    *I can enjoy those foods and the occasional drink which you can't enjoy whilst pregnant!! ie sushi, a beer, cold deli meats etc!! salami -yummo!!
    *I can continue breastfeeding my DD without the concern about her weaning early due to me being pregnant or pg affecting my milk supply as it can.
    *I can run around chasing DD without having to worry about a big tummy in the way! (besides what's left over from DD's pregnancy hahaha)
    *I can enjoy more rest before another newborn comes.
    *By the time another baby is born, DD will be that little bit older and will be able to help out even more... ie get the nappy for the baby etc.
    * Starting to think that the wider age gap the kids will have will be for the best for our family anyway.....never wanted them too close in age.
    *My DD is still very much a baby (18mo) and needs me so much!!
    There are so many more!

    What are your positives you have while waiting to fall pregnant? There are heaps! I'm really hoping this thread gets some great input and makes some of you out there ttc feel alot better!

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    Great thread Shanti!

    But the only things I can think of (as I am childless) are...

    * Save more money
    * Spend more time with DP...just the 2 of us

    Not to bring a downer to your thread, but it's hard for me to think of the positives when I am being so negative lately. I've been TTC for 7 months now with DP, but before him, I was with a man for 4 years and we were 'going with the flow' for almost 2 of those years. So I don't know if I count it as 2.5 years TTC, or just 7 months. Either way, it hasn't happened, and doesn't look like it will be happening anytime it's hard for me to think of the positives when all I want is the negatives of pregnancy lol.

    And by that I mean, all the stuff I can't eat, feeling sick all the time, having a big belly etc

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    Not happening here either Shanti! So that means

    - more time to get fit & skinny before I get fat again
    - lots of 'practising' with DH
    - time to really enjoy my gorgeous DD who is getting more & more independent every day (17mth)
    - enjoying the little bit more freedom we can get as DD is of an age where it is easier to leave her with carers for short times

    It will happen, I am trying to be relaxed about it because I've already created a perfect child, I can do it again. It will happen when it happens.

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    This is a fantastic thread Shanti!

    So here are mine;

    * More time to get to my ideal weight before Im UTD
    * More time to allow for extra payments on the mortgage!!
    * Lots of practicing with DH
    * Keeping everyone in suspense on how long it will take for us to "try" for a baby hahaha everything thinks we just arent keen!!!!

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    I can eat cake batter uncooked
    I can sleep on my belly
    Heck I can sleep at all - me and pregnancy aren't great for sleep
    I'm not popping a thousand pills thanks to the way my body deals with production
    I can wear clothes that I haven't been able to wear since before DD
    I can climb Ayers Rock

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    We took over 3 years TTC, so learned lots of positives!

    I doubled my income in that time because I was able to develop my skills and got promoted - twice!

    We're in a much better financial position now than we were when we started TTC.

    I started my Masters (initially for something to do whilst being a SAHM). I then FINISHED my Masters (because it too so long to concieve!)

    We planned our wedding and then got married during that time!

    We had lots of long weekends away, just the two of us, which we're unlikely to do again anytime soon!

    I made lots of friends in BB LTTTC threads which I wouldn't have otherwise done.

    Oh, and when it happens, you appreciate every minute.

    We were also much more emotionally prepared for a baby because we'd had so long to think about it - including our ideas on parenting, natural birth, etc etc.

    GL girls.

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    oh yeah!!! Forgot that one!! Lots of with DH!!!!! He is loving it haha

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    Great thread Shanti!!!!

    For one i hope it happens soon for all of us lovely ladies but being positive:
    * Yes being able to eat whatever and enjoy my Coke (the drink not the white stuff lol)
    * Being able to wear nice sexy clothes (not that i do lol)
    * Being able to not smell like vomit for once
    * Being able to go out anytime (a toddler is easier to look after I guess) without worrying when bubs next feed is

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    This is a fabulous idea Shanti I love it.
    My positives would have to be- Being able to ride our horses and still compete in campdrafts.
    Spending quality time with my DD who is nearly 5y.o before she goes to school next year.
    Being able to pack up and go some where for the week end with out needing to take a truck load of stuff with us.
    And not having to be careful with what I eat or drink, I love a few rum and cokes at the drafts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clairesmummy View Post
    I love a few rum and cokes at the drafts.
    Oooooh me too!!! I'm a rum drinker too!!

    Good stuff girls!! Keep it coming!!

    It's so easy to focus on the negatives when we want something soooo badly but after a while it just makes you feel so crap so for me anyway, I HAVE to focus on the positives!!!! Of course I badly want the morning sickness, big tummy, etc and all that comes with being pregnant but until I can have that, I have to focus on something else yeah?!

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    I'll have to add all the DTD with DP too...oh how I will miss that when we have our bubba

    Oh heck, I guess I do have some more positives to add...

    *Sleeping on my belly (thanks for pointing that out Kim )
    *Getting engaged and married to DP (he ideally wants to be married before we have a baby)
    *Having a full nights sleep (although I would gladly sacrifice that for a bubba)

    I'll add more when I think of them

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    Getting to really understand my body, what it does, what it can do and of course what it is suppose to be doing!!!!

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    Spending time with ds

    Loosing weight to be at a better body weight for next pregnancy

    Enjoying the freedom of coming and going when we want

    All the dtd

    Eating things I can't during pregnancy

    Being able to go out and leave ds with mum and dad over night cause he's a bit older

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    Thanks for this thread Shanti! After the BFN this morning I really needed this. Here is mine:

    Being able to have a wine or two after dinner on a friday night

    Having the same number of hands as children (Im worried how Ill cope when number 3 comes along)

    Cherishing being free of morning sickness, or should I say HG which is actually a living hell from week 5-18. Anyone with severe m/s which requires hospitalisation for dehydration would know what I mean.

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    I'm in for this thread too, and second Joeve's post about getting to know my body. As frustrated as I get with the old gal, she's still pretty amazing!

    Some more from me:
    - Getting healthy and starting to feel really well IYKWIM
    - Trying acupuncture and loving it, god I'm relaxed
    - Loads more practicing with DH (both of us had very low libidos whilst on various forms of medication - yay for tons of BD!)
    - Just really appreciating how sweet and supportive my DH is
    - Drinking wine and eating soft, stinky cheese
    - Saving $$$!

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    Love this thread Shanti, what a great idea to get everyone focusing on the positives.

    Here are mine:
    I can sleep in on the weekends.
    Time to get more fit and healthier and lose just those few extra kilos hanging around.
    DH and I can spend lots of time together doing whatever we want.
    Saving $$$
    I can still have a glass of wine if I want to.
    Spending lots of time with my beautiful puppy dogs.
    Eating soft cheese (although that and he wine don't help with losing weight)
    Can work out as hard as I want at the gym.
    Lots of BD'ing with mt DH.

    and I am sure there are many more as I stat to think about it!

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