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    Hello ladies,

    I'm currently 6DPO and have had really sore nipples for the last 4 days. I'm wondering if this is an early sign of BFP?? They are extremely sensitive and sore (ie they hurt when water hits them in the shower, there are times I want to scream when walking around at work from my feet hitting the ground) Sorry TMI :shock: . I've also had mild cramping for the last couple of days and weird type back pain. I normally have mildly sensitive tender breasts 1 week before AF but not nipples and nothing like this (I couldnt sleep with the doona on my chest last night).

    Am I seeing too much into it. Has anyone else experience this as early pregnancy symptom??


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    I dont know if this helps much, but I had the same thing around the same time - however AF has just arrived today.

    I hope you get the result you want!! [-o<

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    I had very sore/sensitive bbs when I was pg with Nicholas. Hopefully it is a good sign for you.

    Good luck. :bdust: dust:

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    My boobs were the first sign of pregnancy when i fell! I had them the DAY i conceived!!!! hope its a BFP for u but dont read into it!!!!

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