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Thread: Spotting but no sign of Ovulation??

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    Default Spotting but no sign of Ovulation??

    I have not had a natural AF since coming off BCP about 6 months ago and have been charting/temping for about the last 3 months, there is no sign of ovulation on my chart but last night when i was checkin cm there was some blood. My temps over the last few days have been gradually getting higher and higher and today was the highest of my whole chart, but as i kept checking cm today it was just brownish blood which seems to have gone now........ So i dont know what this could be?? Could it be my AF even if i havent O'd or could i be preggers or maybe this is O.... but i did an OPK today and it was negative.

    I have been waiting so long so i am just happy that something is happening.....but am confused as to what and why... Can anyone offer advice or know wat this might mean?

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    could it be an implantation bleed? what CD are you on?? so you havent had AF in 6 months?? it could just be AF slowly returning? though the high temps readings and just the slight brownish spotting sounds like an implantation bleed, but it really does confuse things if you havent had AF in so long. i'm not sure, sorry that i couldnt help you more.

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    I have no idea what cd im definately confuses things, it could be anything. Lets hope it is implantation! But there is a bit more spotting today,(bright red again) not much at all tho. I guess ill just have to play the waiting game.

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