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Thread: Spotting at O time

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    Default Spotting at O time

    Does anybody else spot at or around the time of ovulation? I have noticed last night and today just a small amount of blood on my fingertips when I check CM and CP.

    I've always been told on other forums that this is the sign of a "strong" O (ie, egg bursting from follicle and causing bleeding, as against the follicle merely opening to let the egg out) but would love to know if anybody else has other information.

    Is it a good sign or not, or could the blood cause problems with the and conception.


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    Hi Lisa,
    It is not uncommon to spot at ovulation time. I have experienced it at times.
    I would not say it's a sign of strong ovulation nor a sign that the ovulation isn't strong iykwim??? There is no reason why it would interfere with conception.
    I have my finger crossed that this is your month.

    Hugs to you and good luck catching that egg!

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