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Thread: still got to wait....

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    Default still got to wait....

    thought i would update you on my progress. I am now CD48.
    I rang my fertility councellor this morning, as i done another HPT at it come up very very faint positive. She has told me also to leave it till friday and then ring her back, as in the mean time she will be discussing this with my fertility consultant to see whatshe want doing.
    I fell as though im hanging on a thread.
    Started getting sore BB lastnight, im urinating loads. CM is still EW. This sems to be dragging out.
    However i wasnt happy so made another appoinment to see a GP on thursday afternoon.
    Can someone please tell me whether they have same prob with HPT's. they are so faint they are almost not visible. they are not evap lines as they appear at about 2 minutes, when they are still wet. I have been feeling dizzy still, appatite changing and yesterday i got a craving for honey due melon skins, which i ate....
    Absolutely no signs of AF.
    No other medical condition that could be causing this either. I have tryed different types of HPT's and they either come up BFN or very faint BFP. I dont want to go buying anymore on HPT's as this has been a very expensive month so far....
    I suppose i will have to sit and pull my hair out till the end of the week at least.

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    Oh Georgette, i really pray that this is a BFP for you~!

    yor symptoms of sore BB, urination and EW cm sounds like a good thing..

    hope that its a quick wait for you until the end of the week

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    Hi Georgette,
    You should ask your GP to get a BT done!

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    Hey Georgette

    Thanks so much for the update...I've been wondering (and checking BB) to see how you are going...

    It must be incredibly frustrating for you...but hopefully on Thursday you'll have some more answers...

    There's a thread on BB about the longest DPO for a positive HPT...I don't know how to link it...but I've just read it...some girls waited up to 10 weeks for a positive HPT, another was 45 DPO...

    Wishing you all the very very best!

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