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Thread: stitch like cramping early into 2ww

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    Question stitch like cramping early into 2ww

    Hey there,

    I'm sure this question has been asked before but here goes.

    I think I O'd Sunday & every day since then I have had cramping but it's a stitch like feeling.
    I have actually had it on both sides & at first I thought it was O pains but then it has been every day since, not all day but just every now & then.

    I have heard sometimes this can be a pg symptom but I would have thought that this would be too early.

    I am also concerned it could be something else like maybe to do with the endo I had treated a couple of months ago.
    Can anyone shed any light on this?

    Thanks, Jo

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    Hi Jo,
    I'm 10dpo today and had similar cramps/stitch like feeling since O'day. It started with minor twinges on the left side, moved around a bit, then peaked on day 8 & 9 dpo and now they are gone! I was hoping at the time they were pg signs (I'm still hoping) so I'll let you know how it goes!!
    Good luck! I hope you get your BFP!

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