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Thread: Stopping B6 when pregnant

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    Hey all

    I took Vitb6 when I was last pregnant (m/c caused by triploidy). I stopped once I was pregnant. What did everyone else do? I know you shouldn't go on taking Vitex but what about B6??


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    I have been taking b6 tablets for morning sickness, too much b6 can cause nerve damage but only if used in high quantities (upwards of 1000mg per day) and over a long period of time.
    I think 50mg is the recc dosage for morning sicness.

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    I continued with my b6 during the first trimester for morning sickness too. It is in the blackmores morning sickness capsules too.

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    I am still taking it now also, i find it helps ease the tenderness of my bb's. As Ruf said it is also in the blackmores m/s tablets

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    Hi girls
    I did alot of research on B6 b4 I started to take it, b4 I fell preg. I started to take it and then the next month I was pregnant. I am still takeing the B6 as I read it is good for the uterus plus it helps with my m/s that still pops around now and then. I will go back and go over the info again as you girls have made me think twice about takeing it so far along in this pregnancy.

    I do know that with vitex, once your pregnant you have to stop taking it.


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    Good thread maybe baby - I've been wondering the same thing myself.

    I have read that b6 is safe to take during pregnancy and the directions on the bottle I have say that it's ok to take up to 200mg during pregnancy to help ease m/s. I was going to try vitex but when I read that it wasn't recommended during pregnancy I decided not to. I just dont think it's good to take something every day and then suddenly stop. I'll speak to ob about b6 when I see him.

    Im going to continue taking 150mg per day for at least the first tri. I'll still take some in the multivitamin but I might cut back to 100mg 2&3 tri.

    How much is everyone taking?

    chris - this was my first cycle with b6 too and what do yo know it a BFP! Think the clomid had something to do with it too but I'm praising the b6 atm.

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