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    Hi everyone,
    Just wondering what views people have on stress and ttc.
    Both DH and I have quite stressful jobs and a few other things happening as well and we often wonder whether this has anything to do with not falling pregnant as yet.

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    As far as I am aware, stress can be bad for sperm and suppress ovulation, so when you want a baby is when you stress over it, so you don’t get pg, so you stress more… and of course, people telling you to chill or relax and it’ll happen as soon as you don’t want it to… aaagh! More stress! Both DH and I have stressy jobs, but I refuse to take stress home with me. I find that just changing into jeans at the end of the day calms me down, as I’m in “home” mode. DH just stresses all the time and thinks about work quite a lot. Eugh, I don’t get paid enough to stress now, let alone at home and I’m having such a busy day!

    I think the first thing to do is to learn to leave work things at work – not easy, but you’ll appreciate it soon enough. The next thing is to make sure you have a relaxation night every week – for example, tonight I’m having a bath spa night with a book and having leftovers for dinner so I don’t even need to run around baking. I also make sure I have a clear mind in the morning – usually because I have a half hour walk to work to calm my brain, but a car journey can be just as calming if you let it be. Best of luck with calming down and hope stress isn’t a problem for you this cycle.

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