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    I was just wondering if any one knew how long after going off the pill you can conceive?

    Thanks in advance

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    As soon as you ovulate, pretty much! Although you may get normal cycles back straight away, it also may take a bit longer, so fingers crossed you're in the straight back to normal group! (BTW, not a silly question at all!)

    ETA: My first cycle off the Pill was 32 days, then I had 4 cycles at 6 weeks-ish in length (which I accepted as being normal for me), then a really weird one at 8 weeks, towards the end of that one DH decided to ditch the condoms and I fell pg right after that.

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    Straight away is right. And sometimes when you don't even mean to. My 14 year old is a "pill baby". The result of a stomach bug and a LOT of vomiting/diarrhoea!!


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    I fell pg straight off the pill. It did take until cd 25-26 til I Od, so it was a long cycle, but I got my BFP exactly two weeks after we DTD! So it DEFINITELY can happen. Mind you, some Drs do suggest waiting a month or two before ttc after coming off BCP. Everyone has a different opinion. Good luck!

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    It took me 12 months TTC after coming off the pill. It took 8 weeks to have my first period also.

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