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Thread: SUBVENE cream - have you heard of it?

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    Default SUBVENE cream - have you heard of it?

    Hey guys, a friend has just bought me a tub of $60 cream called Subvene made from a company called Neways.

    It is said to help with fertility by rubbing on your tummy and wrists.

    the main ingredients is Wild Yam and vitex.

    I have heard you cannot take vitex with clomid but what about the cream? hope someone can help!!

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    until you hear absolutely, I would not use the cream... could be an idea to call a doctor/pharmacist and check... the vitex would still get into your system from a cream - safest not to!


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    A friend of mine actually sells neways (keeps trying to get me into it), but doubt she would know about vitex and clomid.

    From the Neways site

    This exclusive cosmetic lotion contains a herbal extract from Chaste Tree fruit to protect vulnerable skin, and Wild Yam that enhances its overall condition. With the added advantages of Rose Hip Oil, Shea Butter, Chamomile Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, Subvene will keep your skin feeling beautifully smooth, nourished and balanced.
    All websites i have looked at have not mentioned anything about helping your fertility. But I will ask my mate about that.


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    I stumbled across this forum and wanted to share my experience of newways subvene cream.

    I have pcos and due to that lost 2 babies in 1994 and another in 1997 both were clomid pg I had irregular periods.

    I then had a daughter in 1998 a clomid pg and another baby boy 15 months later who was conceived naturally.

    Then my periods completely stopped I wanted another child and didnt want to go on clomid due to the terrible side effects previously.

    I went to a therapist to have an aqua detox started talking to her about my situation she wanted me to try subvene I wasnt sure but thought what harm could it do anyway started using subvene at the end of september 2003 no period for 2 months then i started feeling a bit sick and tired I thought cant be pregnant but did a test anyway which was posative and over the next couple of weeks did several stopped using the subvene incase it was a false result due to it.

    9 months later had a healthy baby son weighing 9lb 2oz so for me it was a miracle hope you all have success in whatever you do try but i didnt even have a period and got pregnant I still sometimes think did that actually happen.

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