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Thread: Things on the TV whilst TTC (bit ranty)

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    Default Things on the TV whilst TTC (bit ranty)

    OK, OK, I’m not yet TTC but just watching the TV last night got me really wound up. First of all the Yellow Pages advert – some of them are quite amusing and entertaining, but in this one the chap rings up for car insurance for his pride and joy, this 2-seater car he’s bragging about down the phone, and the never-seen-before girlfriend (previously he’s been living with a chap and going out on the pull with him, just 1-2 ads ago) says “oh by the way, I’m pregnant” – first, what sorts of morals does this advert show (as in keeping pants on when you meet someone = bad) and what sort of a way is that to tell someone? He ends up, hilariously, trying to fit a baby seat into the sports car then ringing the insurance company back for cover on a people carrier.

    So both DH and I were annoyed at this advert (and we have a 2-seater sports car: don’t think DH likes the analogy or the fact I was getting narky… must be PMS or something), then we watch the rest of Lost. Now, this isn’t interesting at the best of times, but DH seems to enjoy it. The UK are a couple of months behind Aus with this (but have season 2 desperate housewives finale tonight!) and it’s the Ana-Lucia flashback one. “Oooh, I was pregnant.” Then WTF was she doing at an armed burglary? You TELL PEOPLE that you’re pregnant and don’t do the high risk jobs! Can’t stand that dreadful woman anyway, but to my mind if you’re in a job that could damage your baby, you tell your employer (and mother, on whom you frequently rely and get her to pull strings for you – so she’d be among the first to know anyway) and you don’t do the stuff that could harm your baby. So mad at the stupid programme for just getting basic stuff wrong and the character anyway – I don’t like her to start with and what did she think she was doing going to an armed burglary?

    Does anyone else want to scream at the TV, especially with “we had sex once and got pregnant” 13-year-old teens, one-night stands that end up in pregnancy, people who are 9 months gone and don’t realise, the amount of TV that shows people having no regard for their babies and the rest? Oh, and especially the amount of people who then decide to abort the baby with no consequences shown. Maybe once every 2 years there will be one couple on all of the 20+ channels we receive that have to actively TTC or who have problems. Just really annoys me and wondered if I was alone in that or not.

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    wow. you are a bit miffed.
    I agree with everything you're saying though.....and at the end of the day I just think 'welcome to the world!'. It's a bit depressing knowing that tv gives us the stuff people will watch....further creating a world of crap morals, superficial answers that never delve into real life and all its sorrow, and life's general unfairness and irony.
    The answer? Throw away the tv or put a blanket over it! Does wonders for your home life and liberates you from relying on crappy tv* to entertain you.
    *this doesn't include 'Survivor' or 'The Amazing Race'.

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    I have found on several shows, eg Neighbours, it very frustratin when they have someone who is told they wont have children and then they immediately find out they are pregnant all on their own and didnt know it - I would like, for once to see a character who is told they cant fall and see them have a realistic experience undergoing several attempts at IVF, etc etc...

    But, I guess reality might not be as entertaining

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    I don't watch much TV at all, and wouldn't have it on for me (except for musicals, DVDs and Eurovision), but DH is dyslexic and the one time I tried a no-TV-or-computer night (did that once a week for two weeks) he just wasn't worth living with. He's the one who wants the high-def 32" screen TV (the largest I'd let him have); I'm the one more than happy with my old 17" TV/video I've had for 7-8 years, mainly for watching films on. He doesn't like playing scrabble or even the countdown number game, monopoly or cluedo are boring with 2, he doesn't read, he doesn't have many non-DIY hobbies, he's a nightmare! So the TV is always on.

    Although I've not watched any soaps for years, there was once on Coronation Street a couple with fertility issues - but I think the woman ran off or something. That lasted about 4-6 months, which is quite long. Though her husband had a baby from a drunken one night stand and there were teen mums and stuff in that. It's only entertaining if you don't feel that way about AF arriving too!

    Ah well, think I may just go to bed instead of watching Lost now - I don't like it anyway, that's something DH watches. Let's face it, it's hardly pacey, entertaining or even vaguely sensible. Unlike Lord of the Rings - now there's a book that can keep me going for hours!

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