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Thread: Thinking about starting IVF after vasectomy

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    Default Thinking about starting IVF after vasectomy

    Hi there,

    We are considering starting IVF next year after my Husband had a vasectomy 8 years ago.

    IVF seems easier than a vasectomy reversal, which may not be successful as it has been so long.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? We have both had children before (with different partners) and both had no problems.

    Also - any recommendations for IVF specialists on the Gold Coast?


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    Good decision I think suze, re not having the reversal. My sister was in a similar situation and their FS recommended not to do the reversal and they went straight to IVF and it took them a little while but they have a gorgeous little girl now. My BIL had sperm antibodies, which is very common after a vasectomy done a while ago, so they would have probably had to do IVF anyway. good luck

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