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    My DH and I arent TTC at this very moment in time, we've been having some serious ups and downs in our relationship, which cause us not to be even in the same house most nights.

    But anyway, we had been trying to conceive for a while. And I need some advice.
    Here is some factors I think contribute:
    a) I don't weigh as much as I should, I have always been slim, I'm now about 54kg and I am over 170cm tall.... is this an issue?
    b) my DD still occasionally jumps on the breast at night when I'm asleep... self service... would this cause my AF not to visit?
    c) due to said marriage stress, I've been exhausted a bit and not been eating right...

    But, before all the stress I was eating right and still no AF.

    I came off the mini-pill and so far nothing... no BPF or AF.... just

    So what am I doing wrong?

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    Shaz, it could be any one of those things but I feel it is most probably your weight. I am around the same height and 54 kg is on the low side for that height. Have you had a chat to the doctor about your missing period?

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