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Thread: TMI i'm sorry but i'm freaking

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    Default TMI i'm sorry but i'm freaking

    o.k. i'm 8dpo and of couse TTC i have'nt breast fed for 4 yrs but today my bb's started leaking colustrum which i thought good that's pg sign but one of my ducts is excreting a dark green blue (like licorice colour) i've got some horrible disease don't i? that's why i'm not BFP. Silly I know but i'm stressing about every little thing

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    I'm trying to picture it and I have no idea sorry.

    Perhaps it's dye or fluff from a black bra that's built up in the areas just under the skin?

    Go see the doc I say. If you have an infection of some sort you'd probably have heat in the area and/or pain and you might have an elevated temperature along with it.

    Oh, a pre-emptive congratulations just in case it is a positive sign!

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    I would definitely be heading off to the Dr today. Good luck.

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    We sometimes forget we are animals and that our bodies are capable of all kinds of guck! If there is no pain around the area I wouldn't be too stressed. I get odd lumps there occasionally - never a discharge tho, but I have never BF either.

    Ease your mind and visit the doc, but I am sure you are perfectly fine and it is just your bbs spring cleaning for the big BFP!

    Good luck!

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    I have had leaking colostrum thinking during the months i was pg but i wasnt , i was told that it was a hormonal issue. Maybe go get checked by a dr. I have an underactive thyroid that sometime can have affects on other hormones. Im no dr, but it would be best to get it checked out for piece of mind. Ne way GL hope all goes well

    take care

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