I thought I'd do a thread on this as it seems most people don't seem to be aware of this. New studies are finding that consuming trans fats in our everyday diets could be causing ovulatory infertility in women. Basically the more trans fats in your diet the more likely a woman is of being infertile.

If you are ttc and it's taking a while it may be worth trying to cut out trans fats from your diet.

It's not easy to do as it is not mandatory in Australia for this type of fat to be listed on the ingredients listing on foods (it is in the US). Our bodies do not need trans fats to function. They are added to food as a thickener. It is classed as a saturated fat and many manufacturers don't admit that it's in their product.

Basically for anyone who's interested, it is in many pre prepared foods, particularly biscuits, cakes, pastries & pies. It is also in a lot of take away food. Many butters and margarines have it in it as well.

It is also bad for your heart so fertility is not the only reason to avoid it.

If you want to know if it is in products (if it's not listed) you can email the company who makes the product and ask if it's in there. I think if enough people contact manufacturers about this they will eventually list it on all products to save the phone calls and emails.