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Thread: Traveling & TTC/Early Pregnancy

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    Question Traveling & TTC/Early Pregnancy

    Good Morning Ladies

    I was wondering if you could help me out. Itís our 1-year anniversary coming up in February and we want to go away to Phuket for a week. We are currently TTC our first. I wanted to get your thoughts on TTC and traveling.
    I am also concerned that if I do fall pg this month or December I will be in the early stages of my pregnancy when we do go on Holiday. As the food etc is sometimes not the safest, I am wondering if we should not go for this reason.

    Thank you


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    Not to sure on this, but i see where you are coming from with the food issue. If it was me, id still TTC. If you dont try then you will never know if it was your lucky month. I guess you could watch very closely what you eat, or only buy pre-packaged foods where possible etc...

    Good luck with what you choose and congrats on your first anniversary

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