thread: Triplets & more and fertility drugs.

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    Mar 2004

    Triplets & more and fertility drugs.

    How common are higher order multiples without fertility drugs?

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    not as common in Australia as overseas

    in Au - there are pretty tight regulations to stop more than twins being born - it's obviously not guaranteed though. for IVF it is HIGHLY irregular for more than 2 embryo's to be transferred - obviously some of these will result in triplet or higher order pg's, but not many. it is difficult to get most fertility specialists to transfer 2 embies if you're under 30, and it's only, i believe, allowed for over 40 year olds with multiple failed cycles that are able to transfer more than two...

    with IUI - a lot of clinics will cancel a cycle when more than two follicles are produced - mine will allow us to have up to three follicles as they know you don't necessarily ovulate from all dominant follicles in every cycle (for my IVF i had 59 dominant follicles, only 22 eggs collected and only five of those fertilised). there are pretty tight regulations to try to reduce the outcome of higher older multiples though

    wish i could be bothered looking up the stats for you but mum is waffling at me so i'm not concentrating very well!

    ETA - dumbass that i am - i didn't read the "without" fertility drugs - see - mum waffling at me is killing me!
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    On a fairly unrelated note, DH and I found some literature while checking out vegan parenting issues that suggests that "vegans are five times less likely to have twins"

    Random, or what?