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Thread: Trying to conceive for 9 months!!

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    Default Trying to conceive for 9 months!!


    This is my first time on here am nervous about joining but I need to ask this question. We have been trying for a baby for 9 months now and I was on the pill for 7 years, I came off the pill in September last year and straight away my periods were back to the usual 3 days I had before the pill everything has been a regular as clockwork since. It can't be the pill stopping us if my periods are regular with no problems the pill must be out of my system.

    However over the last couple of months I have been getting new symptoms first I started to feel sick around the time my period was due which made me think I was pregnant but ovb wasn't and it is now normal for that time of the month, now i'm getting really bad back ache every month which also made me think I could possibly be pregnant which I never had before i'm very confused about this it's like i'm getting a new symptom every couple of months my head is already a mess and this is making it 10 times worse as all I ever read is that people have irregular periods when they come off the pill or if not they concieve straight away am I just wierd??? xxxxx

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    Default i know thw feeling

    i so no the feeling hun. Every month (been trying for 10) i would feel like i was having a preg symt and i was told when we are trying we wish that hard that we make ourselves have them! Dont know why though.

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