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    Hi just wondering if there is anyone else on here ttc#1?I have just gone through my 6th month and am about ready to give up, i feel like it's never going to happen to me.
    A bit about myself and my partner. We are both 26 have been together for 4 years and started trying last November.
    I can usually tell when i'm ovulating by my cm, i haven't done temp or anything like that i have used maybe baby but i found it useless.
    I have not been on the pill since i was 17 we have just been really careful until we were ready for a bub.
    To be honest this month i was over it. My af was late for the first time since we started ttc last month but was a false alarm so i didnt actually know when i was supposed to be O this month in fact i don't know when AF is due either. I think i am about 8DPO going from my CM.. Anyway basically just want other in my situation to chat to

    hmm looks like no one out there is ttc#1 hey...

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    I am thinking you might not have gotten any replies because people might be getting your thread confused with the TTC 6+ months thread. Sounds like you're in that group, so if you want to come in and say hi, we would love to have you. There are a few of us on there who are trying for our 1st.

    DH and I have been trying for number one since May last year. It was around our 6month mark as well that I started to get pretty depressed about it thinking that it was never going to happen. That's about the time that I started to lurk on the TTC 6+months thread. I don't think I started to post until about 8 months or so, but the ladies on there have helped me heaps, if for no other reason then to give me someone to vent to that understands. Sometimes DH just doesn't get it.

    I'll try to attached the link for that thread so if you're interested you can pop in and say hi.

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