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Thread: TTC 1month.. Newbie to tracking...need help with cycle

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    Default TTC 1month.. Newbie to tracking...need help with cycle

    Ok I am confused, I can not even figure out how long my cycle is in order to try to get a decent idea when I ovulate.. I have 2 girls already ages 8 and 2.. TTC #3 now.. I never tracked anything to get pregnant it just happened... Hell i never knew you could track it, just thought that you get prego... So clueless.. LOL... but I am so intrested in what I have read and that looking at your CM tells you alot.. its jsut so intresting and amazing! I have had this body for 30 yrs and never knew all this LOL... so anyhow , I have been trying since the 25th of July.. only two attempts so far since then...

    Thing is my cycle is so screwy, I can not figure out the cycle lenghth, one cycle i get 31 the next is 17 or its in the 40's ... so weird! I am going to post my cycles and Hope maybe someone here can help me determin the cycle lenghth...

    11/25/05 (ended december 6th)

    01/27/06 (light flow not heavy as usual, ended the 4th of Febuary)

    02/26/06 (ended March 2nd)

    04/25/06 (ended May 1st)

    05/17/06 (ended the 21st then got it again on the 28th...went off pills in May back on again May 16 and then off again on the 28th...

    06/25/06 (started spotting slightly night before, Had Nookie in morning (no spotting or bleeding) A few hours later I got PMS and it was heavy and I was in pain...this was our first attempt at TTC

    nookie on 25th of june and July 3rd...

    july 5,6,7, & 8 felt sick to tummy and unbelievablyt tired for 3 days took PT but it was negitive, took another PT test yesturday still neg. and took an Ovulation test but that was negitive too.. no ovulation...

    July 6th CM was creamy white/yellow color, very sticky and streatchy,

    July 10th CM was very much like egg whites, but slightly clear and cloudy

    I pretty much just started tracking my CM on the 6th of this month...

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    Hi SweetMamaShy
    I had a quick look at your dates and it seems your cycles were 52,22,54,35 (is that right?) - statistics say it takes up to 6mths after the pill to regulate so you can probably assume your latest cycle of 35 days is getting close to being regular. This would make your fertile time approx CD21 (16 July ish) If you are recording EWCM from 10 July then I would assume that you are going to ovulate this week. So I would make sure you have sex as much as possible this week. Then in 18 days if you have not had another period you should do a HPT.

    Hope this helps, not sure if I have the dates right but basically you need to work out your cycle length and deduct 14 days from it and that will be ovulation time - this is approximate as we are all different.

    PS: You might want to join the TTC 1-6Mths thread as the ladies there are very helpful. Or email to the Conception general discussion thread as this attracts a larger number of ladies. Good luck.

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    SweetMamaShy Guest


    OMG that makes perfect sence about the BC pills *smacking my head* I certainly hope it does not take 6 months to concieve.. ... You have shed light on this for me and I thank you so much for taking the time out and reply.... I thought I had posted int he TTC 1-6 m ... sorry about that...

    thank you again

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    Hi SweetMamaShy
    Come join the threads! Even though im now passed the 1-6months i still lurk in there as well as the 6months plus.
    There is a site called Fertility Friend where it can be friend or you can pay for membership and you can chart your cycles and any CM etc just by ticking a box or user a pull down menu. Very simple to use once you get the hang of it.

    Good Luck, feel free to ask away with any questions. Lots of great friendly people here

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