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Thread: TTC #2 - AF has not returned

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    Default TTC #2 - AF has not returned

    Hi all.

    We gave birth to our beautiful DD 15 weeks ago, and we are ready for number two. We aren't actively TTC but we aren't stopping it, you know what I mean. The only problem is AF has gone AWOL. I had one AF when DD was 6 weeks old, I stopped BF at 10 weeks and still nothing.

    I know you can still get pregnant without the return of AF, but how do you know when to test etc. if you don't know where you are in your cycle?

    Any takers


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    Sounds a bit weird, it took me 8 mths to get AF back, with bothe of mine and I stopped BF with number 1 at 16 weeks.

    The only oither thing I can't suggest is start testing everyday with an OPK it may be a bit expensive but you may then get an idea, but you'd probably have to do it 4 a couple of mths to know the difference IYKWIM?

    Good luck hun

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hey Clare

    My AF's after Gemma were pretty erratic to. I bled till week 6 then had my next AF 7 weeks later then 7 weeks later again.Perhaps yours is doing something similar.I only BF for a week then stopped so I really expected AF to become a little more regular.SOunds completely normal to me.Goodluck... [-o<

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    Clare - IKWYM!! except its been almost 6 months for me & still no AF!! As for testing, its hard to know!! I hope you get AF soon!! (& me too )

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