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Thread: TTC, 9 IVF cycles and looking for the light

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    Default TTC, 9 IVF cycles and looking for the light

    We need your help:

    Our background: 4 years trying to conceive. Age: 34 wife, 37 husband, 1st marriage. No miscarriages, pregnancies or children. No known illnesses except Hypothyroid with husband (TSH=36). Wife's blood tests for hormone levels ? normal. Endometrium - OK

    What we did so far: 3 IUI treatments. 9 IVF cycles. 4-5 amp. of different drugs for ovaries stimulation. In all cycles 4-5 eggs were collected, 75%-100% fertilization rate (reg. IVF & ICSI). After 72 hours transfer in all cycles of 3 embryos size: 4-8 cells (twice with assisted hatching, AHA). One chemical pregnancy in the first IVF treatment. 1 IVF with donor's sperm.

    Husband sperm specification: Volume: 1.7 ml / Mobile: 60% after 1 hour / Concentration: 55-75 million/ml / Morphology: normal forms 11-15% and once 3%

    Looking into the future: I've started taking Chinese med for "heating" the uterus. We are considering natural IVF cycle or IVM to see if the drugs are causing embryos implementation in the uterus to fail.

    Do you know any other new treatment or advice we can use ?

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    Kitty good luck sweet hopefully the Chiense Herbs will offer some help. It is hard but we must just keep trying

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    All i can say is good luck sweetie - for some its first go for others it takes alot of cycles - its a very hard journey i know, we have done 6 IVF/ICSI , 2 donor embryo Fets and now have only 2 donor fets left, so i am coming up to my 9th transfer. Have you tried acuptuncture yet? You have nothing to loose - they have done a study about acupuncture and it is proven to help the implantation, my clinic highly recommends it.
    :goodluck2: and hope your dreams come true soon.

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks - I'll probably go with the acupanture.
    More needles

    Thanks for your support.
    Hope we wil all be moms soon

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