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    Hi Ladies
    From April 2000 until June this year I was on the contraceptive pill, during those years I would quite often skip my periods by not taking the sugar pills (I probebly only had 4 periods per year).
    Just wondering whether anyone knows whether this would affect my TTC. Will it take longer for me to fall pregnant because of this?
    Thanks in advance,
    xo Emma TTC 3months

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    It could but it might not also i have a friend that hardly gets her period and has only one ovary and she fell pg by accident... Everyone is different just see what happens might be a good idea to chart your cycle then you can see if you are ovulating.. How long are your cycles since coming off pill??

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    Hi Jane
    My first cycle was 34 days and my second was 36. I have been temping and FF put my O day for this cycle at cd21, I also got a OPK+ on cd20...Im now on cd26. The 2WW is killing me
    xo Emma

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    I now can be sooooo frustrating how are you temps going??? I Oed on CD 17 and now on Cd 24 so 7DPO... It think im going to test sat or sun not sure worried i will get BFN.... My temps have been good apparently by what the others have said have you gone intoTTC buddies 1-6mths lots of girls in there that will look at your chart and great to talk to join in anytime you will be welcomed with open arms... very soon...

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    Hi Emma

    I was on the pill for around 15yrs before TTC and like you i often skipped my period....I never had 1 during summer

    I too was worried the affect this would have when we TTC especially when you add in other 'risk' factors like being overweight and only having 1 ovary.

    It's important to remember everyones time coming off the pill and into regular cycles is different and I'm not saying that this will happen for you but, I went straight into regular cycles and with 4 months of 'timed' TTC we were pregnant.

    Fingers crossed for you and your 2WW

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    Thanks for your help Lorasha and Jane.
    Jane I dont know how to put my chart link up but my temps have gone like this:
    CD21-36.07 (O today)
    My coverline is 36.22
    Good luck with your testing, i will keep my fingers crossed for you.
    I might test on saturday or sunday too.
    xo Emma

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    Looks good to put chart up go into ff bring up your chart go to sharing on lh side pf page click on home page setup and you will see at the top of the page above change URL and add password a http:// www. thingy highlight it copy it then back in BB go to signature and paste it under your name good luck hope you can understand that... Temps look good but easier to see on chart if you know what i mean..

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    Hi Emma
    You are one of the lucky ones to get regular cycles straight away. I came of the pill in Sept 2005 and did not have a 'real' bleed until Jan 2006. Then my next was May 2006. I was then regular for a month and got pregnant my second regular month. So it took either two months or 11 months depending on how you look at it.

    Hoping you get your BFP this cycle - but just remember we are all different and up to 6mnths is not unusual.

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    Hi Tess, My doc said 6-12months was pretty normal, im just being impatient
    Thanks Jane, hopefully my chart link will be on the bottom of this

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    This one should have my BDing on it and also be in celcius, didnt realise it wouldnt be on the first one

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    Looks good Emma i am currently 8dpo and had a small drop this morning .1 i am only using a usually digital thermometer thought i would for this month and see what happens if i dont fall then ill get BBT...

    and toes that you will get a lots for both of us....

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    Thanks for the Jane, keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you too.

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    Jenny Guest


    HI Emma,
    I was also on the pill for over 10 years and often skipped periods because of my sport. My doctor was aware of the fact and atually said that it does not have any major side effects and can reduce things like anemia and low iron levels. I stopped taking the pill in June and pretty much have had normally cycles ever since (29 days). Looking at TTC in december so will let you know how that part goes!!

    Good luck

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    Thanks Jenhome, Good luck with TTC in December.

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