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Thread: TTC Consequent Babies

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Well said, Claire! And it goes to show that these fears crop up not only with the idea of having a second child but also if you are considering a 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on.

    Though I must admit... I do like how you've painted such a lovely picture of a 2 child family! I can handle that!!

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    Aghhhh IKWYM. Its like reading a post that i wrote LOL!!! Not sure what the answer is, but i have decided to just, GO FOR IT!! and worry later. Especially after reading all of these posts, it is very inspirational. I know i can do it now...
    Good luck with it.

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    Fire Fly Guest


    I think when we as mums think about trying for another bub we get concerned about, and correct me if im wrong cause i am quiet a bit lol.
    But..... We dont want to upset the kids we already have and if you only have one then you freat that you wont be able to spend the time that they need when new bub comes.
    ......... You think of the newborn stage of getting up every 2 hrs morning and night and think oh god ive just got my nights all sorted now or for those of you still getting up through the night, when will it ever end.
    ..........the pain and discomfort that comes after youve pushed that watermelon out is yuk. (worth it though i know).
    .......... what next will happen to your body, hemroids (s), varicous veins, m/s, incontinence. Not painting a pretty picture am i. This is why we stop and think are we nuts.
    BUT....... we dont think about.
    ........How much joy and love that little person brings into your life every single day, the endless love and admiration that they continuously have for us as parents.
    ........Forever being amazed at how fast they grow and achieve different milestones.
    ........Being so so proud of our little ones when they do the tiniest thing like clap .
    .........Seeing how there siblings (if they have any) absolutely love and adore the ground they walk on, i think this is the best of all. Watching them watch their elders with such a huge smile in there eyes.

    Kids are truly amazing, and testing to, but we are very blessed to be able to love, nurture and guide the way for these special little people. Im blessed and thankful for my two gorgeous kids and i wouldnt change anything for the world. I really dont know what we did without them before. We may have had more money, lol. Doesnt matter.

    Ill get of my soap box now. Im just trying to say dont just look at the bad but look at all the good because that outways all i think.
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    Bonnie Doon


    Well written firefly - Also it seems the good points last a lifetime and the bad points are all temporary!

    Even siblings that seem to fight all through growing up can end up being great friends as adults....

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    Ok, a very beautiful and sane and lovely GF of mine has just announced she is around 7 weeks pg......she wants to be pg, wants 3 children (this will be her 3rd....she has a 2.5 year old, a 10 month old and another due in mid April)..........I spent ages with her this morning and we had ALL these conversations.........she is thrilled, but scared it is TOTALLY NORMAL!

    (LOL, I told her about this thread, and she was so relieved that it is not just her who is flick-flacking emotionally!!)

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