Previously posted in the Endo chat but got no response so trying here sorry for the cross posting just really hope someone has some info..

Hello all,

Just wondering if someone could shed some light on some results I got because my dr didn't speak english very well and couldn't decide what to make of my results..

Been TTC for about 5 months, not long I know, but had some irregular AF & continued spotting with pain this month so went to the dr.

Preg test was negative, last AF started on the 17th Feb finished 24th Feb, spotted with pain for 4 more days. Tests were done 2 weeks after start of AF, results were:

US- perfectly normal except right ovary was 14.2 cc while left was 9.something cc

All hormones normal except LH was 74.9 which she said was high, but if it was mid-cycle it's normal but she couldn't figure out when mid-cycle officially started.

Have a history of endometriosis around left ovary and behind uterus, was lasered 2006 but they couldn't laser the left ovary as the endo was wrapped around main arteries.

Waiting on papsmear results and if all good then next month I get the 21 day protosterone (I think, or projesterone I dont know what its called) blood test.

Any ideas? Should I just give up hope of naturally falling again? I have one son he's now 16 months old, I fell in 2 months with him, no assistance..

Any information or explaination is highly appreciated!!