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Thread: ttc lunar cycle / jonas method

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    Default ttc lunar cycle / jonas method

    hi there

    well here i am willing to give anything a try, i am looking for a website to help me calculate my lunar cycle - you know the sort where i can put dates in etc and it will give me a time re my lunar cycle

    also what is the jonas method for ttc

    much appreciated if someone can direct me (i know we are not allowed to post any links) so just a rough guide will help, i have had a quick google but so far have come accross sites where you have to pay to get it sent to you.


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    Hey Michelle, there's not a lot out there that will offer your lunar cycles for free. BB does have a sponsor that does the Conception Action Pack that's a good place to start. I know it's expensive, but think of all the money you spend on OPKs & HPTs etc (not you specifically, the greater *you*).

    As for the Jonas method, it is pretty well about lunar fertility & gender selection.

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    Hi Michelle,
    For the Jonas cycle, if you google jonas and conception you will get the site that is how I find it.
    And, I did find a site that does free astro charting, but i cant remember where it was... I will have a look for you. It was mentiond by someone in the TCC 1-6 months in Dec I think.
    Found it...If you google the Astrodienst site. You need to select free charts on the home page, then Extended chart selection, then special charts, then lunar phases fert chart is the last one on the list. (Thanks Marydean)

    Hope this helps.
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