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Thread: TTC - march'09

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    Olin Guest

    Default TTC - march'09

    Hi All,

    Im a new member of BB..So exciting finally found this site n still learning about this site.

    I went to the clinic for the blood test and ultrasound today. Im doing iui treatment. Last monday is was my first blood test after a week on puregon and the result was still in baseline so i have to continue injecting the puregon with put more dosage which is 33iu (was 25). i done the ultrasound today, the nurse was telling me that my follis wasnt good and i not sure about these things, she said to me that it is a waiting time..
    They will call me in the afternoon for the blood test's result.

    My english wasnt good enough and ussually my husband by myside and then he the one always explain to me if i missed some words. its hard sometime doing this on my own without him.

    Hope everything will goes well

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    Olin Guest

    Default i became 2weeks waiter now..

    Glad everything went well..

    I just had the iui injection today. bit cramp when injecting it and feels like gonna vomit after that. I will have to inject Pregnyl in that period.
    So what i want to ask there do and dont after you have the iui?
    They told me that i will have last blood test to check if positive or negative in the next 2weeks..
    Do you think if i check earlier will show positive / negative ?

    Thank you

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    I can't help with your questions, but just wanted to wish you good luck!

    Maybe in the morning, someone who knows more about IUI will pop in.

    take care,


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    Olin Guest


    Thanks Kate

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    Hi Olin and welcome to BellyBelly. I'm just going to close this thread as the current TTC thread is here and we have a dedicated thread for TTC with IUI here both threads have wonderful women participating in them who I am sure will be able to answer any questions you have.

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