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    TTC & PND

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this...sorry if it isn't.

    I have a 10 mo boy (conceived through IVF) and am now on Aropax for PND and wish to TTC again.

    My question(hope it's not too personal) is: Have you, or do you know anyone that has conceived while on AD's?

    My GP said it is safe to TTC while on AD's but the IVF doctor said he would "prefer" me to be on no meds.....maybe AD's could affect the IVF meds but if that is the case I could always do a 'natural' FET (I have 7 frozen embryo's). It's just that I don't want to go off the AD's incase I don't get PG...I don't think I could handle it :shock: and as this is my 2nd lot of depression my GP thinks I should stay on the AD's.

    What to do??????????????

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    Shazza I have a very close friend who conceived on AD's. I'm not sure which ones, but she was on AD's and went on a long holiday in vietnam and a few months after she came back she found out she was PG... 12 weeks along! She tried to go off AD's during PG but PND hit very very very hard for her afterwards. Baby is wonderful, healthy and beautiful..... and 16 months old...

    She didn't have to TTC that doesn't help... but she did conceive on AD's.

    Hope that helps :?


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    Hi Shazza! I can't really help much with your question as I have never been nor do I know anyone else who has. But I did wonder whether maybe some sort of natural therapy may help with the depression while doing IVF? You may have already been down that road and sorry if it seems a daft question!! :roll:

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    shazza Guest

    Thanks for your replies and suggestions ladies. I asked my GP about studies of TTCer's on AD's and he said there has been no studies done as they wouldn't get any guinea pigs :wink:

    Good luck and merry xmas

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