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Thread: TTC - Weird smell from vagina during high fertility times

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    Default TTC - Weird smell from vagina during high fertility times

    Okay, so this is a little gross, but I need to know - is it normal?

    In short: whenever i'm during my high fertility days, I get a strange smell from my vagina, and there's no odd discharge or anything suggesting an infection, but the smell is so strong, i freak out that other people can smell it too.

    When my partner and i have sex, the smell seems to be magnified as the semen sort of leaks back out, but my partner thinks that the smell is sexy - so i don't know!

    The point is- i never used to smell like this... err... this full-on!!! And after my fertile days are passed the smell subsides and i become "normal" in smells down there.

    Any ideas peeps?

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    I've got no evidence to support it...but have heard of women having different smells when they are fertile. a way of attracting the men i guess, espically if your DP finds it a turn on!

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