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Thread: Twinges/Butterflies in Ovaries/Uterus Area

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    ~Belinda~ Guest

    Default Twinges/Butterflies in Ovaries/Uterus Area

    Was just wondering whether anybody gets twinges/butterflies in their ovary/uterus area after ovulation?

    I O'd yesterday or Saturday...and I have DTD a bit...too early for any symptoms, just have a funny feeling something is happening down below.

    Am I dreaming it?

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    Simplicity Guest


    I have been having similar feelings since O. I am still only 9DPO on 1st month TTC so too early for me to know unfortunately. Hope it's a good sign for both of us!

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Hi Simplicity it's a strange feeling, wondering whether it's in my head but I just feel like something is going on down there! I can't describe it.

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