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Thread: Two week wait - what about?

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    Default Two week wait - what about?

    Hi guys,
    I know everyone is always talking about the dreaded two week wait but for me I think the two/three week wait before you ovulate is worse.
    To me it feels like I am just being helpless at ttc and the days go sooooooo slow, at least when its time to O you feel like you're doing something worthwhile.
    How does anyone else feel.

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    Yup, I hate the pre-ov bit too, especially as it's a good 4 week wait! Two weeks isn't that long in comparison, specially not when you know that you're body's working now.

    I think of it like an exam - I have 4 weeks to get me and DH up to speed with vitamins and stuff (cos you're not doing that anyway!), then there's the main event, then you just sit back for a couple of weeks and wait for the result, knowing you've done the best you can. I've never been one for discussing answers after the exam anyway! And I detest re-sits, so don't know what I'll be like when I get round to TTCing.

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    I completely agree!!! I've had long irregular cycles, and never know when I'll ovulate, that makes the wait so much worse!!! At least I'm on clomid now so I'll hopefully ovulate soon!

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