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Thread: Tww , 4 Dpo

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    Hi all.... Well I have 3 eggs..... I have a back ache today. I know it is probably to early to be a sign but fingers crossed. When can I test? What is the best Early Pregnancy test I can but in the US??? If I come up with multiples will the pregnancy hormone show earlier than usual????

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    Best of luck to you, Tiamiami - I think 10dpo is the earliest you can test and multiples will give a stronger positive than singles. Don't know about the best one in the US, but there must be tests that say they can be used pre-AF arrival.

    Really hope you get a BFP from this, hope to hear that you do next week!

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    Hi, just wanted to wish you goodluck! Hope the 2ww goes quickly for you.

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