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Thread: TWW- New and needing some advice - please!

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    I am new and would love for someone to give me some reassurance and positivity through this aggrivating TWW. Last month, I had a M/C but it was only 5 days after my period was due. It was so early into it, I felt symptoms like dizziness, sore and large breasts, and even slight nausea, I reckon just days after ovulation. My husband even said to me only 1 week into the TWW that he knew I was pregnant because he said I became blotted and my tummy enlarged as if I was already months along. It wasn't until 4 days after my missed period the HPT came up slightly + and it was also about that time I had cramps but read that this could be normal. Over night I was bleeding and the next day I went for a BT and during that time I was extremely emotional, had severe pains and felt as if my stomach would expload. The test came back with a result of -7 and I was told that wasn't a good sign. I was so tired after that I laid down for an hour or so and after that everything had gone- tummy gone down, pains subsided etc, etc. Following up with a BT 2 days after, my level was 0 again and I couldn't help but feeling a little sad and depressed. Now, TTC again, I am into the second week of the TTW but haven't had any symptoms this time. I have been a little tired and dizzy but not sure whether that's just in my head and my breasts feel slightly sore and larger but that might be because I am touching them all the time looking for signs. I was frightened from last time because I thought it may have been because I teach high impact aerobics and workout quite hard and the crazy thing is as a fitness professional I know exercise is fine to continue with but when it comes to yourself you start to re think. Anyway after all this babble, do you think I should be feeling the same symptoms as last time or is it quite normal to not have symptoms till after the TWW? I told myself that maybe I had all of those symptoms because I M/C so early. I have 6 days till the end of the wait. Is there anything you can do to prevent another M/C from happening? Gosh I just realised how much I have written, I hope you can understand it.

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    Hi Eurogirl and welcome... im so sorry to hear about your M/c... i hope this TWW starts to go abit faster for you (i have just finished my TTW with AF showing up) ...the TTW is deffinatly a long and slow one for many ladies .... alot of ladies dont have any symtoms at all durning the TTW and then on the other hand they have every symptom under the sun... so i think that it truely varies

    I hope you get your BFP very very soon
    Good luck

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    When I got my first BFP years ago I had no symptoms but just felt different. This time I had heartburn & tiredness about a week after O followed by sore BBs then about a week later when AF was due the urinary frequency set in. I guess what I'm saying is both experiences were completely different. From everything I've read (and been told by doctors) there is nothing you can do to prevent an early mc. I now take mega b & vitex vitamins which are supposed to regulate hormones and therefore help babies stick.

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