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Thread: TWW Signs ??

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    Default TWW Signs ??

    Ok some light relief for those who are TTC and in the midst of the TWW.

    Question: What "signs" did you see when you where TTC and/or during your TWW?

    My Answer: When I went to the supermarket I picked up the prettiest box of tissues (that's how I choose the box of tissues I want? ) and it had some delicate baby pink flowers like orchards on it and in the tiniest writing on the top right hand corner I noticed it said

    " I am only one.....May I become many".... and I thought OMG It's a sign !!!!

    And then of course I immediately bought THAT box of tissues..........and then AF came to town two days later !

    Anyone else had any "signs"?

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    I haven't had any signs but i had to lol at your story! I do get lots of imaginary symptoms though.

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    i had implantation bleed at 3 weeks and nausea a day or so after... BFP 3 weeks 2 days

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    I remember last month I dreamt I had a little baby in my arms and I was saying to DP thank godness it has finally happened for us...I was convinced this was a sign so imagine my surprise when the next day AF turned up and my best friend announced she was pregnant after 5 years of trying!

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