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Thread: Ummm.... so I have a question about implantation and orgasms... *blush*

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    Red face Ummm.... so I have a question about implantation and orgasms... *blush*

    Ok, lol, I really am blushing. I have to ask this, just to settle DPs mind! (I hope this is ok to post!)

    She has been apprehensive (to say the least!) about having sex after the IUI because she is sure that if I have an orgasm that it will launch the egg into outer space or somehow effect implantation Which I have said is rubbish... but is it?

    Does it effect anything? Has anyone else had an apprehensive partner? It kind of annoys me because *blush* I tend to feel pretty frisky around ovulation and for a week after...

    So, ladies, share your knowledge!

    (((I'm dreading this, when I do actually get pregnant, as I'm sure it'll take some serious convincing then too!)))

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    There has been some research that suggests that orgasm is conducive to conception.
    Orgasm actually causes the crevix to dip into the vagina where semen pools in straight sex so it's better for the woman to climax first. I've seen footage of it in one of Desmond Morris's docos and to this day I still wonder how the hell they got a camera in there at that moment.
    Of course that's not relevant to IUI but I still think that orgasm probably plays a role in signaling that conception might occur.

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    Hi Leasha
    I honestly don't think it would do anything i've read somewhere that you uterus contracts all the time (obviously not the same strength as an Orgasm though). We conceived my daughter after my DF came back from 4 weeks away with the army and well lets just say we were at it like rabbits and our little eggy stuck.
    Goodluck chicky

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    Leasha, After our IVF Transfer we were told no sex for 5-6 days afterwards because they wanted to make sure it didn't affect implantation. Maybe they were just being a little cautious when they said this to us, though it is on some paperwork they gave me too.
    Maybe ask your FS at your next IUI appointment?


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