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    Hi all... Well I have to do today with injection of Bravelle and then tommorow for the last injectiion then off to the doctorn on Monday to check the eggies to see if they are progressing as they should. If doc says it is a go which I pray for then I will start using OPK then when a positive I will have insemination the next day. So much dust: dust: :bdust: :bdust: to all of us!!!!

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    Oh, goodluck with it all Tiamiami. I hope your eggies are bonny and bouncing on Monday and your insemination goes to plan. dust:

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    Good luck \/

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    Default tiamiami

    Hi Tiamiami,
    A huge goodluck wish for you, I hope it all works out for you.
    Please let us know how you get on!

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    for you

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    I wish you loads of luck hun!!

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    Fingers crossed for you!! Common eggies!!


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    Best of luck. Keep us up to date.

    Lots of dust:

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    tiamiami Guest

    Default Inseminated today 3/28/06

    Good Morning all. Well as far as my eggs go yesterday the Doctor said only one but a very nice one 20mm. Si I did the injection of Ovidrel at 8 pm and went to Docs office this morning and did the insemination. My question is should I do another insemination tommorow or do you think that if I do it tommorrow that it will be to late? I read about the Ovidrel and as far as I understand that you ovualate 12 to 24 hrs after the injection and that the spermies can live 3 to 5 days so what do you all think? Please let me know so I can make my decision. Baby Dust to all of us with magicial dust and positive and stick vibes. Lets get this month of April on a roll........ :smt026 dust: :bluestick: inkstick: :bdust: We want a

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