thread: Uterine polyps??

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    becky Guest

    Uterine polyps??


    I had a laparoscopy done on Friday and my doctor told me everything was clear but I did have some polyps. I was pretty out of it when the doctor told me all of this. Does anyone know anything about these kind of polyps???

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jan 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    Don't have any facts to help you I'm afraid - just some "stories". I have a polyp apparently, which did not interfere with my pregnancy, as far as I know and I have not had problems with. But I have a friend that had one that was causing lots of bleeding to the extent where she was bleeding 3 weeks per month and getting anaemic and she had to have it cut out and now is fine.

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    becky Guest

    Hi Anney

    Thanks for the information. Dh and I have an appointment with the doctor on March 11. So we are hoping doctor will let us know more about these polyps. Thanks Again for the information.

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    poly Guest

    Hi becky,

    I had a cyst (large polyp) about a year ago. I had to have it removed cause it was causing me alot of pain.

    Well here is some info on what I know of polyps....This might ease your nerves...

    They start off as polyps and then they can grow into cysts. A polyp is only tiny and they usually go away by themselves, which is usually painless. The polyp has to be over a certain size before Doctors call it a cyst. Unless your polyp is causing trouble,pain or is a fair size they usually leave it alone.
    It also depends where the polyp is !!!!!!!! To what can happen or what has to be done.

    My cyst was coming off my ovarian tube!

    Hope all goes well for you with your appointment on the 11th march.

    Hopefully it will turn out to be nothing...Good luck and best wishes.