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Thread: Is a +ve possible........?

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    Default Is a +ve possible........?

    Hi everyone,
    I seem to have a faint postive even tho we were using the 'withdrawl' method to try for BFPs from next cycle, not this one. We definitely 'stopped early'. sorry if too much information. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? I thought it wasn't realistically possible......unless this is a false positive, which I guess is possible. I tested cause symptoms made me suss, but it is still v. early. AF Not quite due yet. Am curious as to whether anyone thinks this is likely..........
    Thanks for any input ;-)

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    I think it's definately possible as withdrawal has a reasonably high failure rate. We were using withdrawal for a while as is a friend of mine and we didn't get PG yet and are now officially TTC.

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    Hi Rach13,
    Do you know what cycle day you are on?
    I have heard it is definitely possible to get pregnant using the withdrawal method because some seminal fluid comes out before a guy ejaculates.

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    For sure it's possible - withdrawal is very unrealiable. I know people who have fallen pg using this method.

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    Default Thanks for your replies

    Hi guys,
    thanks for your replies. Very helpful. I'm on about Cd 20 but I think I ovulate on CD 10. So still early, but no necessarily early for a false +ve. I'd be really excited (tho a bit shocked given we were quite careful) if it did happen, even accidentally, as we were going to be ttc from next month anyway after a mc in December. So will wait till AF due and see what will be!

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    We used this method for three years and luckily didnt fall pregnant until we were ready this month. The pre-ejaculant contains very high concentrations of sperm so it is very possible to fall pregnant this way.

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