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    At the moment, I'm taking the Blackmores Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Formula but have just come across the one made by Cenovis.

    Looking side by side through the ingredients list, it seems to actually be better than the Blackmores - has anyone tried it? I'm thinking once I finish my current bottle of Blackmores, I'm moving onto Cenovis!

    I think they are on par with price too - much cheaper than Elevit. About $14.95 for 60 tablets (one month supply)

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    i just ordered some maca powder...........anyone else used it? suppose to increase male fertility, and is quiet natural we are going to give it a go this cycle. With DS i just used iron and folic acid tablets. but i love to juice my own juice so i had a fresh juice every morning. My gyno said thats why DS was 9 pound, and i was only 50kg. so going to give this ago. goodluck. \/

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