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    hey there... lol sorry i seem to be asking so many qs lol... ok so i wanted to start taking pregnancy vitamins (coz i heard u shouls take them pre conception) but i have huge issues with swallowing tablets coz i have a really sensitive gag reflex... i was wondering if there are any that can be crushed or dissolved or any alternatives???

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    I wouldnt see why you cant crush them and have them with food? As long as youre still eating the whole tablet iykwim? Or maybe there might be some that are chweable, though I am sure it would taste absolutely awful.
    I was only really having folate pre-pregnancy, and got one which was quite small. I dont remember what brand it was though.

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    Hey Darl,

    How are ya?? I Have only just started taking some vitamins its called forelife natalcare and its used for preconception,pregnancy and breast-feeding, these tablets are in gel form but there pretty big, maybe in another brand the table might be a little smaller??
    I would go into your local chemist and tell him what your after and he might be able to suggest something for ya?? sorry i havent been much help to you

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    hey guys thanks for that the only reason i was aking if u could crush them was cause i wasn't quite sure what was inside like if i bought one and crushed it and gel oozed out i might have a prob lol...
    mummy2chloe- i have been alright i am moving past the dissapointment of my first ttc cycle and getting ready for the next af should be finished by tmw or the next day so i am getting ready to do it all again... its funny how i kinda just expected that if we dtd a few times unprotected then bam pregnant lol i guess i am still trying to rid my mind of that lol but i am still hoping that this month will be our month for a bfp.... how are things with you?

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