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Thread: Wanting to start a family..!

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    Wink Wanting to start a family..!

    We have decided we are going to try for a baby.
    Sorry if this sounds silly, because it's our first and the baby will be planned, i have no idea on where to start.
    I read i should go to the doctor up to 3 months prior, and they will check my immunisation levels with a blood test. What else will the doctor check on and should my partner come with me?
    I am on the pill at the moment. Should i stop the pill now and go onto condoms, or should i wait up untill we're all ready to go?
    I've heard both sides of the story, where couples have fallen pregnant straight away or fallen pregnant months later.
    It's very exciting! Your site is very, very helpful to us both.
    Bo and Chad

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    How exciting! welcome to BB! There is a wealth of info on pre-comception here. Feel free to have a browse through. It's good that you're thinking ahead, and if you think you should have your immunisations checked, that's a great idea. Unless you're been trying for a while without success, I don't think they do any other tests besides screening blood tests and perhaps a pap smear. Also if you would like your partner to get screening tests done too, then he can certainly do that at the GP too.

    As far as stopping the pill, many women find it takes some time for their periods to resume a normal 28 day cycle after coming off the pill, so wish they had come off sooner, yet there are others who fall the minute they're off the pill. Just something to think about. If it suits you just as well to go onto condoms instead, I reckon go for it!
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    good luck !

    hope you get a bfp as fast as possible

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    I would not get off the pill and not use BC at all ( trust me if it takes a while you will wish you had) also start temping now and work out your cycle so you know when you ovulate it is all about BD at the right time!! have fun with it dont let it become clinical you will again regret it if you get to the LT TTC stage!!!

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    I'd say come off the Pill now, get your bloods checked and start taking folic acid. Use condoms if you've not been on folic acid before for at least your first cycle - which can be up to or over 100 days before it's a matter for medical concern. You may want to think about using condoms until your cycles settle down, but that can take aaaages. Took me from August 2005 until May 2006, and even then I don't think my cycles had settled down but just that my DH was sick of the condoms.

    You can try the "see how it goes" approach straight away if you like, but as you don't know when your first proper period off the pill will be (not the withdrawal bleed, the one after your first full cycle) you may end up spending a small fortune on HPTs.

    Best of luck with TTC and I hope you get your BFP very soon!

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    With ds we were not trying so I didn't go to dr until we got the pos test With this one I went to the dr 3mths before as I needed to get some extra blood test done before ttc. He simply told me what folic acid I should take, got the bt done and told me to come back when pg. My dr was very blaise though and this was our second pg so it might be a bit different.

    I would stop taking the pill now and start temping so you know where your cycle is sitting. Good luck and enjoy the journey

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